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The Art of Writing June 2018

with Jane Corry, Sunday Times best-seller, published by Penguin.

Whether you simply need time away from home to work out an idea, are an emerging or established writer, our one week retreats are tailor made for you. All we ask is that you love writing. The Art of Writing offers morning lectures on writing and afternoon individual coaching sessions. Our aim is to nurture you, your writing skills and your project. We want to inspire you to write more and teach you how to improve, without feeling intimidated. 

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Nurture and Replenish Your Writing Skills

We feel more than ever that creatives need time away from their day to day environments to kick-start wonderful writing. Sometimes our routines, together with the demands of our families and the distractions of technology can entirely disconnect us from our writing goals, dreams and deadlines. Completely immersing yourself in a community and environment that nurtures your writing skills always stimulates some of your best work. Learning, practising, sharing, and listening to new ideas inspires your finest writing. That’s our aim for you in the second week of September – to nurture and replenish you and your written work so that you produce your best work ever. 

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to Jun 10

The Art of Suspense

Interviews and discussions with global agents and publishers confirms beyond doubt that their most frequent request is for gripping text. Strong story lines that hook readers from the first chapter are more essential than ever. Every commissioning agent and associate editor that we meet with requires engaging stories, with deeper characters, more compelling dialogue and thrilling plot lines. It is with this demand in mind that we’ve decided to run a retreat focusing on pace, build-up and how to write unputtowndable text — in all genres. Whether you’re writing historical non-fiction, your own family history, romance, a memoir or literary fiction our 2017 Tuscan workshop aims to tighten your words and sharpen your story-telling.

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